Bringing Ada Home


I'm just going to share a bunch of pictures so I can get caught up! Above, I think she was a few hours old. My mom took that picture, it's one of my favorites. She looks like a little doll! Ada and I didn't get much sleep in the hospital. We stayed up and ate cherries (thanks to my aunt Angie) and chocolate nutty bars (thanks to my dad) while we watched TV and got … Keep Reading

Ada Skye’s Birth Story


Our new addition was born almost 3 weeks ago, so I'm going to hurry up and type out her birth story before the memories get any fuzzier. It's crazy how quickly you forget details when you're in this "newborn haze"! I had my c-section scheduled for Wednesday, July 9, at 7:30am. I wasn't … Keep Reading

The Last 40 Days


We started the year looking forward to many things - my brother's graduation and his moving back home to Louisville, the birth of our fourth child, several weddings, etc. We had no idea we would also lose two very important members of our family so soon and so close together. My Nanaw (my … Keep Reading

What Homeschooling Looks Like: January 2014

When we first started our homeschooling journey with our new first and second grade daughters in August, I had every intention of being very organized and sticking to some kind of schedule every day. I wasn't sold on any particular curriculum, so I got a few Spectrum workbooks (Math and … Keep Reading

Jace’s 2nd Birthday

Our little baby boy turned two yesterday! Like all moms, I feel like time is passing way too quickly. He is getting so big, and is so smart. He's putting his words together to communicate with us, has a very distinctive personality, is so funny, and so sweet. I woke up with this really … Keep Reading